Win 'iPhone X' every month with VipDeposits

Take the chance to win ‘iPhone X’ every month with VipDeposits loyalty program  by registering NETELLER/Skrill account. Just follow the instructions below: 

  • 1- Signup your NETELLER or Skrill account from our affiliate link.
  • 2- Complete verification.
  • 3- Apply for VIP with your email address and account ID.
  • 4- Transfer any amount to your favourite merchants.

Anyone can participate by registering their NETELLER/Skrill account from our affiliate link and all of our Affiliate Partners are automatically attached with this promotion.

NETELLER Signup Link.

Skrill Signup Link.

Who are not partner of VipDeposits loyalty program must submit their account ID & Email by following clicking links below:

Submit NETELLER ID & Email>>>

Submit Skrill ID & Email>>>

The WINNER will be selected by picking a random Account ID who have minimum merchant deposits on the following month.

All NETELLER + Skrill IDs will be considered together for this promotion.

The following month’s WINNER will be announced on 25th-30th of the next month. 

For example, the WINNER of June will be announced on 25-30th of July. 

1- All accounts signup from any of our affiliate links after 01/June/2019, will be considered. 

2- Affiliate partners of VipDeposits.ASIA are automatically included with this promotion. 

3- Must have any amount of merchant transfers. 

4- This promotion is valid until further notice.